About me

I am a psychologist helping healthy people develop psychological skills that are crucial in business. I assist preparations of presentations and negotiations. I work with people suffering from being shy. I also consult people with management and productivity issues. If you feel that there are moments you should speak up and you cannot or you feel that you have a plan that keeps falling through for no good reason – it may be a good idea to give me a call!

I am from a multinational family and I have been travelling a lot, speaking different languages and connecting with a variety of people. It has made me a language expert early. Later I have completed PhD in psychology of conflict so I regard conflict management, decision making and negotiations the main area of my expertise.
Although my life steered from Academia to business I believe that good psychological practice should be based on science. For years I have been also a performing artist and this experience helps with preparing people before they enter the stage. Now I am also becoming a game designer – connecting my psychological expertise with my love for arts. I hope that I use all of my skills and experience to help people the best possible way.