2019 The case (legal narrative), in progress
2019 The gender office (educational) – accepted for Scholas –
the platform providing free educational games to 440000 schools
2019 The stock of solutions (serious game – business integration)
2018 Custom officers (serious game – business integration)
2018 Lost notice (serious game – business development)
2015 Visa (educational) – a project with Techfugees Warsaw


2014 London’s Melody (music clip), London
2013 One of us (music clip), Warsaw
2010 Sunshine of Petersburg (documentary), Petersburg
2009 Conversation (music clip), Warsaw
2007 Polish Film (alternative), XIII International Film Festival One Minute, Szamotuly
2007 Stadium (documentary), Warsaw Alternatives Festival
2007 Fetish & Survive Style (alternative), Nisi Masa Festival, Vienna
2004 Talk with the spirits (alternative), Earlinghausen


2009 Sleeplessness in the city, Warsaw
2008 Ophelia does not go mad, Madrid


2002 – 2004 Film Workshops, Animus Project, Universität Bielefeld Abt. Kunst&Musik
1999 – 2003 Dramatic Art, The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art
1999 Graduated from the Academy of Theatre Practices Gardzienice
1999 Graduated from Szeligowski Music School


2007 Nisi Masa Official Sepection, Vienna
1997 I place in the Lutoslawski Music Competition
1995 I place in the Wieniawski Music Competition
1992 III place in the Bach Music Competition


I have been creating stories since I remember. I have done a few film projects as a student and later continued my interests in narrative design by doing research on how narrative communication affects our behaviour in conflict situations. After I started INTHEA (2012), a company that provided training and consulting for business, I used games to address specific business needs. Since 2018 I am writing scripts for video games, educational games as well as serious games for business. At present I am working on “The case” – a narrative game with choices. You can read and outline and a sample below. In case you are interested in knowing more – give me a shout!

Outline of the game: Alex is a corporate lawyer who has been climbing up the corporate ladder for ten years. She is 34 now and has no clue if it is all worth it. She has a boyfriend, Josh, who is an accountant. Josh wants to get married and have kids but Alex was the youngest partner in her firm and this year she may make a name partner. If she leaves now the position is certainly going to be filled by her frenemy – Brian. He is ten years older than her and thinks he will be the best managing partner ever. Bossing people around is his second nature… Brian has no family and no friends outside the company. Brian is aware Alex may become his boss so on one hand he tries to compete with her but on the other he tries to be nice and built a relationship. Most of employees would rather see Alex as a name partner – she is decisive but in a gentle and friendly way. Brian is just tough – achieves results by putting people under a lot of pressure. Will Alex stay at the firm? Will she fight for her position as a leader? Or will she start a family with Josh? Will she try to have it all? You need to play to find out…


Outline of the chapter: Kate is 22 but she struggles to start her life over after trauma. While in high school she suffered from a specifically acute form of acne. She saw many doctors and went through numerous treatments when she finally decided to take Stopac – a drug recommended by many to fight her problem. She was informed by her doctor that it posed certain types of risks but she also knew that it helped some of her friends so she decided to take it. After three months of taking Stopac her acne was gone but she was severely depressed and decided to take her life. She jumped before a train. It was a miracle that she survived but she lost her legs. Kate’s parents, affluent politicians, decided to sue the producer of Stopac, claiming it was to blame for her tragedy. Alex and Brian are now having a battle against a crippled kid and it doesn’t help Alex to feel better about her job.

Alex: It has been a long day!
Brian: And it is going to be even longer…
Alex: What do you mean?
Brian: Pete has just brought us some files on this girl… Kate. It is 800 pages or so. If we are going to nail the deposition tomorrow we must know every line of these papers…
Alex (choice)
A: Oh no!
B: On it!
C: And where are all the paralegals?
Brian A: Don’t whine, Alex! Yo were the one who brought us in to deal with this mess.
Now it’s time to clean it up!
(-1 to relationship; -1 professional)
B: The first one to call, the last one to leave! I don’t know how you do it, girl!
(+1 to relationship; +1 professional)
C: It’s not a job for paralegals, Alex. We are in deep shit, so please, focus!
Alex and Brian are reading papers. It is 4 am and both of them look extremely tired.

Brian: So? What do you think?
Alex (choice)
A: About what? (- 1 relationship)
B: I think there are so many factors that could have contributed to this tragedy that it is not possible to claim that Stopac is here to blame! Anybody would win this and we really should not be loosing sleep over this case! (-1 professional)
C: I am not sure yet. There are some more people with the same symptoms and our main focus should be not risk the class action here. So settlement doesn’t sound like a bad idea…

Brian A: Hello? Are you sane?
B: Hold your horses! And what about these people with similar symptoms? Don’t you think it is risky to ignore them? And what if they decide to sue us to? We are heading a class action here, babe…
C: Yes, that is what I am afraid of too…

Alex (thinking to herself): Brian is a jerk but I have to admit he is a damn good lawyer! This class action thing… We must avoid it at all cost! They both keep reading. The telephone rings. Nobody answers so telephone keeps ringing so long that Brian loses his cool…

Brian: Somebody gets this f…n phone! Where are damn secretaries???
Alex (choice)
A: It’s 4am, Brian. We are the only no-lives here.
B: Exactly. (Disconnecting the phone…) (+1 relationship)
C: (Picking up…) Groundwater Hopes, who is it? (+1 family)
Oh, it is you… I am so sorry. I completely forgot! No… It’s just work. We have this complicated case… Josh, please, calm down. I know. I know my job sucks and I need to change something about my life. I know all of that but the mortgage and my student loan are not going to pay themselves or disappear. Please, understand! Josh… Josh hangs up.

Brian: Josh?
Alex: Yes, we were supposed to go out tonight. I completely forgot. I feel really bad for that girl.
Brian: Who? A girl? What are you talking about?
Alex (choice)
A: Kate. She is really doomed and deserves some justice.
(-1 professional; +1 personal growth)
B: Oh, nothing, I’ve heard this story at the hairdresser…
( -1 personal growth)
C: Josh met his ex-girlfriend and I am a little worried.
Brian A: Are you out of your mind? We are heading a class action and all you worry about is justice for our opponent?
B: Alex, it is 4am, we are not even half through the files and you need to focus!
C: All you should worry about right now is how to settle with this gloomy girl before she is joined by the army of kindred spirits…

Alex goes back to her armchair and pretends that she is reading. She is planning how to make up this little failure to Josh. (choice)
A: I am going to take a day off after the deposition and cook him something nice.
B: I think his favourite team is playing next weekend. I may try to get tickets and go with him. Football is not really my thing but he will be ecstatic!
C: I think it is time we had an honest conversation about my priorities. Let’s face it – I am not going to quit Groundwater Hopes anytime soon…
(-1 family; +1 professional)
Brian: Alex, so what do you think about Maria?
Alex: Who? Maria?
Brian: Page 473, Maria, 29 years old, three suicide attempts after a year on Stopac. How are we going to fight her?
Alex (choice) A: I am sorry, I am reading 457 now. I am staying a bit behind you…
B: Maria that was going to be a doctor and now barely makes her ends meet? Maria who hasn’t left her house for three months now? The one who makes it difficult for her own attorney? Is this one you are afraid of???
(+1 personal growth; -1 professional)
C: We are going to destroy her on the stand – just discredit her by showing she cannot get her story straight. And on the top of that we will make her distract her own lawyer…
(-1 personal growth; +1 professional)
Brian A: Oh come on, Alex! I will be a zombie tomorrow (or actually today) if I don’t get at least few hours of sleep.
B: Alex! I have no idea what is going on with you but you must stop! If you say one more word showing that you may deliberately screw us in the court, I will report you to the board and take you of the case!
C: You have it right, girl!

They keep reading. The sun is rising.