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The advantage of pain When you need to introduce yourself, you know what people expect you to say. You are from Chicago or from Madrid. You are single or married. With or without kids. You are from the country or you are a city rat. You could not afford college …

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Things you should do while in Athens 1. Make Greek friends It is true that Athens can offer you a lot of museums and historical places to see. It is true that it is warm and sunny so you can enjoy nice time out. It is true that it has …

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With Respect to the Reader When I was a kid I was taught that every book, every film, every piece of human creativity was of value and I should respect it. I was expected to read a book without destroying it. I was expected to know the biographies of authors …

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On rude guys at interesting places The train compartment is packed (eight people in). It is small. If you are tall you must lean your legs against the person in front of you. Frustration mounts in such a situation so you put your headphones on and try to dissolve your …