About me

My name is Magda Zena Michalska-Sadurska. I am a psychologist and a data scientist. I offer individual counselling and group training. I work also as a researcher and a data scientist. I believe that good psychological practice is grounded in research, and good research stays in touch with practice.

I have gained my experience working as a lecturer, a researcher and a consultant for a number of institutions including SWPS University, London School of Economics and Political Science, Collegium Civitas, University of Warsaw, the World Bank, various media (radio, TV, print and online magazines) and an assessment centre. Since 2012 I have been leading psychological consulting insthea.com

I travel a lot. Up to now I have been to 29 countries in 3 continents. I am from Warsaw in Poland but since 2018 I have been living in London.

I am passionate about arts and science. I believe that the best fruit is brought by gentle balance between the two, because to solve a problem we must pay attention to facts as much as we need to be creative. I think of myself as an integrative psychologist. I am also a supporter of schema therapy. 

I am an enthusiast of combining different fields of knowledge. I graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts at the age of 19. As a student I combined linguistics, cultural studies, philosophy and psychology. I completed my PhD in psychology at the age of 30 and since then I have been developing methods helping people to overcome their obstacles while dealing with stress and change.