My story

My name is Magda Zena Michalska – Sadurska. I am a psychologist. I worked as a lecturer and a researcher at SWPS University, London School of Economics, Collegium Civitas and University of Warsaw. I was also a consultant working for the World Bank, media (radio, TV, print and online magazines) and an assessment centre. Since 2012 I lead INSTHEA – a company providing learning solutions and psychological tools for business.

I was born in Poland in a half-Polish, half-Arabic family so intercultural communication was a skill I learnt at a dinner table. I travel a lot. Up to now I have been to 29 countries in 3 continents. I lived in 5 and I regard myself a glomad. Since 2018 I have been living in London.

I am passionate about arts and science and I believe that the best fruit is brought by gentle balance between the two because to solve a problem we must pay attention to facts as much as we need to be creative.

I am an expert in turning things upside down and combining different fields of knowledge. I have great passion for philosophy since I was 16 and I still find philosophical books a great inspiration in my everyday practice. I graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts at the age of 19, I completed my PhD in psychology at the age of 30 and the past 7 years I have been developing unique methods helping people to overcome their social anxiety to get a job or deliver an outstanding presentation.  As a student I combined linguistics, cultural studies, philosophy and psychology to become and expert in communication. Today I translate my diverse experiences into tools and solutions that help people grow and do business.