Psychology & Science


2020 – now    Researcher and Data Scientist at Spark Wave:
testing effectiveness of digital mental health interventions for
depression, anxiety, habit formation, mindfulness, and decision making

2012 – now     Psychologist at INSTHEA LTD

2019 – now    Data Science Consultant for Girache:
a device measuring upper-spine abnormalities

2021 – 2022   Data Scientist and Senior Psychometrician at Gyfted:
construction and validation of psychometric tests

2019 – 2020    Data Scientist at Freelance
Analysis of the police suicide statistics to predict suicidality

2014                Research Consultant, University SWPS, Poland
a project on social prejudice

2011-2012       Research Consultant, University of Warsaw
a project on social change

2009-2011      Research Director, Grant of the Polish Scientific Committee
a project on communication in conflict

2010                Consultant at the World Bank
a project on gender and economic choice

2007 – 2010   Research Consultant & Data Analyst for Media

2007 – 2009  ,
Grapol, AS & ADS Assessment Centre

2007 – 2008   Research Assistant, University SWPS, Poland:
a project on narrative aspects of decision making


2011- 2012     Psychology of Internet Communication,
Collegium Civitas, Poland

2010                Philosophy for Psychologists,
London School of Economics, London, UK

2007 – 2009     Lecturer in Psychology, University SWPS, Poland


2011                 Ph.D. in Psychology, the University SWPS (a joined programme from the Academy of Science in collaboration with the London School of Economics and Political Science)

2009               Entrepreneurship Masterclass Series,
London School of Economics, London, UK

2007               Master summa cum laude, MISH, the University of Warsaw, Poland (top 5% of the University’s alumni


2022           Relationships and Neurological Regulation,
Maggi McAllister-MacGregor, BACP Accredited

2021            Working with patients withdrawing from psychiatric drugs,
British Psychological Society

2021            Solution-Focused Therapy,
Laboratory of Education and Psychotherapy, Pabianice

2020            Data Scientist with Python Career Track,
Data Camp (23 courses in statistics and machine learning)

2020            Fitting Statistical Models to Data with Python
(University of Michigan, Coursera)

2019             Statistics with Python Specialisation
(University of Michigan, Coursera)

2019             Databases with Python
(University of Michigan, Coursera)

2014             The Data Scientist’s Toolbox, Coursera

2009             Research Methods in Cognitive Studies,
Interdisciplinary Centre for Applied Cognitive Studies, Warsaw

2008            fMRI of a human brain,
Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw


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University of Glasgow Ph.D. grant

Research Visit, London School of Economics

Mazowieckie Ph.D. Scholarship

SWPS Science Scholarship Category I

Ph.D. Fellowship of the University SWPS

Research Visit, Nordic Research School, University of Helsinki

Scholarship of the Ministry of Science (Poland)

Leszek Kolakowski Philosophy Seminar, Collegium Artes Liberales, Warsaw

the University of Warsaw Scholarship for Special Achievements in Science