The things my mother taught me about happiness

I have recently learnt that the 20th of March is the International Day of Happiness. (

It is the day after Mother’s Day.

It is also my mother’s birthday.

It made me think about what I learnt from my mother and how it relates to my happiness.

First of all, my mother taught me how to listen to myself.

She taught me that if I like myself enough, people I care about will follow.

She taught me to try things.

She taught me to open up to people and that occasional hurt is a small price to pay for all the good they bring into my life.

She taught me that whatever lemons life brings me, I can always make lemonade, a lemon tart, or a lemon layer cake.

She proved that a positive attitude trumps anything else.

She showed me how to make tough choices,

and how to take the bull by the balls when life doesn’t provide me with a good grasp of the horns.

She taught me how to joke like a vet.

She told me all about vitamins, minerals, collagen, and hormones.

She taught me the meaning of diversity.

She taught me to never give up and to stand up for myself.

She taught me how to bake bread.

She taught me laughter,


and love.

She taught me that a happy life is not an easy life but a life that is brave.

I love you, mum!

Happy Birthday



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